Smartphone Owner Gets Phone Stolen To Test Cerberus Tracking App

Smartphone tracking can keep your device safe.


A smartphone tracking app can potentially keep your Android device safe, secure, and tracked, even if a factory reset happens.

In the case of a recent experience one smartphone owner had with Cerberus, a smartphone tracking app, the owner’s rooted device was able to be tracked even after being reset because the software was installed on the root level.

It took a few attempts before the smartphone owner could get their smartphone stolen, but eventually, it happened. The tracking software could be used to keep track of the smartphone’s location, but it could also be used for SMS tracking, message tracking, and other basic monitoring.

Such software can even be used to secretly send remote photos to the smartphone owner so that the owner can see the location of the phone. If the internet isn’t available, SMS messages can be sent with location details instead.

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In fact, the software used on the owner’s phone could even track when different hardware was installed. This was the first notification that was received after the phone was taken. The tracking app notified the owner to say that a new SIM card had been inserted.

For a short while after that, the phone was connected via the internet, so any features that needed mobile data were available. It didn’t take long for the internet connection to drop, however. Later on, the data came back and live location tracking was available to view through the tracking software.

The tracking software created location logs periodically. All of these logs could be looked at a later time and all of the data collected from the software could also be used as evidence of the crime.

In the end, the smartphone never left the hands of the original culprit. It seems as if they had been targeted by an individual that saw an opportunity to steal an item, as opposed to an active criminal running a stolen smartphone organization.

No matter who ended up with the phone, the smartphone tracking app would be able to help the owner track down the criminal and receive their device. With the technology that is made available with such apps, smartphone owners can contact the police to help them get their smartphone returned safely and without any major confrontation with the criminal that stole the smartphone in the first place.

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Thankfully, there are plenty of tracking apps like this available for smartphone, although not many people are aware of them.

This is because these types of apps typically aren’t allowed on the Google Play Store. Instead, smartphone owners must visit the website belonging to the developers that created such software. These services are often hard to develop and maintain, so you’ll usually be asked to pay a monthly fee to get access to the best features.

If you’re concerned about what may happen to your smartphone if it were to be lost or stolen, using such technology could potentially be a fool-proof way to keep yourself safe and give you an opportunity to return your device back to you if it ever goes missing.

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