New iOS 11 Update Brings Extra Security and Safety

Be safe outside on the latest iOS 11 update.


The new iOS 11 update brings a range of new changes, including two new security and safety features. The new features, which will be detailed in the article below, allow iPhone users to keep themselves safe whilst driving and whilst out in public.

Instead of providing an additional layer of security against digital attacks, such as SMS tracking malware or zero day exploits, the new iOS 11 safety features are focused on protecting users from dangers in real life scenarios.

New Do Not Disturb Feature

The first feature to be introduced to the new iOS 11 update is the brand new Do Not Disturb mode. This feature is specifically designed to keep iOS 11 users safe whilst driving.

New iOS 11 Update 3

With the new Do Not Disturb mode switched on, any iOS 11 device will be able to detect when you’re driving. During this time, the phone will stop any texts or calls from distracting the driver. All notifications will be blocked and any notification sounds will be muted for the duration of the journey.

By default, the Do Not Disturb mode will switch on automatically. However, it’s very easy to visit the settings menu to temporarily switch it off. iOS 11 users also have access to a number of options that can be used to determine when the Do Not Disturb mode switches on or off. For example, it’s possible to automatically switch on Do Not Disturb mode when you connect the iPhone to your car’s Bluetooth sound system.

The settings can be useful for those that are often the passenger in a vehicle or for those that use public transport. Typically, the Do Not Disturb mode will keep track of the speed that you’re moving to work out when to switch on and off.

New options are available to let your iPhone auto-reply to any messages or calls that are missed during traveling.

New Emergency SOS Feature on iOS 11

The second new safety feature on the new iOS 11 update is the panic button. Previously known as the emergency SOS button, the panic button will allow you to send your iOS 11 phone into lock down.

New iOS 11 Update 2

Once panic button is activated, nobody will be able to access your phone settings or apps, but free access to selected contacts will be available. This gives friends and peers the option to use your phone to call family from your phone in the case of an emergency.

With the Panic Button activated, thieves won’t be able to get into your iPhone, even if they force you to use your fingerprint or face to unlock the device. However, even though access to the device will be almost completely restricted, the free access to selected members on your contact list can turn an iOS 11 device into a potential life saver.

To access the new emergency SOS feature, iOS 11 users must visit the settings app and scroll to the “Emergency SOS” section. You can tap the option to find information on how to activate it when the feature is needed.

Once Emergency SOS is on, the default settings allow it to be activated when the iPhone user taps the power button five times in quick succession. An option is available to automatically call a pre-selected number as soon as SOS mode is activated as well.

It’s great to see these new safety and security features introduced to iOS 11. Digital attacks and cyber threats are a big worry, but we can’t forget the potential threats found outside of the internet.


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