New Asus Safeguard App Lets You Send Out SOS SMS Messages

A new Asus app has hit the Google Play Store and can be used to send out emergency SMS messages and SOS calls.


A new Asus app has hit the Google Play Store and can be used to send out emergency SMS messages, SOS calls, and can be used to send out your location to trusted friends or contacts.

The new app is called Asus Safeguard. It’s actually been available as part of the ZenUI software overlay that runs on Asus Android handsets. It’s proven to be a useful feature in situations where users may need to call others quickly in emergency situations.

In most everyday scenarios, the Asus Safeguard app is best used for a variety of non-emergency situations. For example, those with the Asus Safeguard app can use the ‘report location’ feature to send a their current physical location to any contact. With this, it makes it easy to let contacts know where to meet you, especially when contacts may not know the area you’re in.

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When using the ‘report location’ feature, users will send the recipient a small snippet of a map that can be interacted with to open the location in a navigation app such as Google Maps.

With the SMS safety features, users can quickly tap a contact and then send pre-defined messages to their contacts. Location can be optionally attached to the messages. This system is designed to quickly send messages to contacts in emergency situations, but it surprisingly works well as a quick method to send SMS messages.

The Asus Zenfone Safeguard app doesn’t have any SMS tracking functionality, so once a message is sent it won’t be stored by Asus or used for marketing in any way. The location tracking feature can also be turned on and off at any time. You’ll see when it’s active because they’ll be a small notification in the notification bar that showcases the location tracking is currently working.

The Asus Safeguard app also allows users to make an SOS call, although this feature is similar to the standard emergency call feature built into the Android operating system.

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Finally, the Asus Safeguard app has a built-in alarm system that can be activated at the tap of a button. When the alarm button is tapped, an alarm will be played through the smartphone to alert people nearby.

Essentially, the Safeguard app is designed to give you a feeling of confidence and safety whilst in public. The features may never be used, but for some people, having the features available within a tap or two is very helpful for feeling safe and secure in the outside world.

Unfortunately, for now the Safeguard app is exclusively available to Asus Android smartphones. If you attempt to download the app from another device, the app page will mention that the app isn’t available to your device.

In the past, other smartphone manufacturers have released their apps for other smartphone models, so if we’re fortunate, the Safeguard app may eventually be made available to other devices. Alternatively, a version available for all devices could potentially be released if those with a Zenfone device were to release an .apk online.

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