How To Monitor Your Employee’s Activity

Learn how to Monitor Your Employer's Activity


Do you need to learn how to monitor your employee’s activity? Whether you need to keep an eye on their interaction with customers through call logs or through SMS tracking, or if you need to keep an eye on their location, you can find a solution below.

How To Monitor Your Employee’s Activity With an SMS Tracking App

These days, almost all interactions happen from a smartphone. As an employer, this is useful because you can take your employee’s smartphone and track every interaction they make with your customers or other employees.

How To Monitor Your Employee's Activity - SMS Trackers

Not only that, but you can keep an eye on what they’re doing during work, and keep an eye on their physical location through GPS tracking.

To monitor your employee’s smartphone, your best bet is to install an SMS tracking app. Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that your employee will let you install such an app on their personal smartphone. Also, it’s not legal to install such an app without their permission.

As a result, the best option is to purchase a company smartphone. You can then require that any work-related calls and messaging are to be done from the company smartphone. This way you can install an SMS tracking app on the smartphone. After that, you can set up tracking for texts, calls, location, and other IM apps.

Although the smartphone will be a company smartphone, it’s still important to let your employee know that you have a tracking application on the device. Let them know that the tracking app is to monitor work progress and employee integrity.

Monitor Your Employee’s Activity – Which SMS Tracking App To Choose

Before you get started, you need to pick out a suitable SMS tracking app. The option you go for will depend on which features you’d like to have access to. It also depends on what operating system you’re using, and also what budget you have for such tools.

How To Monitor Your Employee's Activity SMS

All competent SMS tracking apps will typically have a monthly subscription payment model. This means you can pick out a package that suits you best and then upgrade or downgrade in the future if necessary.

We’d suggest considering SMS Trackers – this SMS messaging app can cost as little as £5.66/month for either Android or iOS.

For £5.66/month, you get the basic package. The basic package comes with SMS tracking, GPS location tracking, tracking which apps get installed, contact list tracking, email tracking and more. You can learn more about this particular package here.

There are other packages available from SMS Trackers, as well as other packages available from other SMS tracking services. Like mentioned before, the service you choose will depend on the features you need.

Thankfully, the getting setup is very straightforward, you’ll find all of the information you need in the link provided above. It’s important to note that you’ll need physical access to the device to setup SMS tracking. Other tracking options will also need initial physical access. Make sure to set things up before you hand the device to your employee.

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