Google WiFi Assistant VPN on Android Oreo – Is It Tracking Users?

New Google WiFi Assistant Offers VPN Services


The Google Android Oreo 8.0 operating system update has now been revealed. With it, comes a number of new features, including a free service called Google WiFi Assistant VPN. Could this service be tracking users?

The new Google WiFi Assistant VPN is a service that allows users to reroute their traffic through different servers to access region locked content and keep anonymity. In a world where data is so important, it’s very reasonable to consider using a VPN to keep your own data safe.

However, many concerns have cropped up over the new Google WiFi Assistant VPN. If previous news is anything to go by, such a service could simply be a new opportunity for Google to capture even more data from their Android users.

Recently, it was revealed that a Facebook-owned VPN service called Onavo Protect was using techniques such as app tracking and SMS tracking to grab as much user data as possible. Facebook managed this by rerouting all traffic from the Onavo Protect app through Facebook’s servers.

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Every VPN service must re-route traffic through their servers, but more respected VPN services make sure there are regulations in place to keep that data encrypted or safe from prying eyes.

Because the Google WiFi Assistant VPN will be re-routing your traffic through Google’s servers, as opposed to a server provider that may care more about their customer’s privacy rights, it’s very easy to see that Google’s own VPN service may also be set up to capture more data from their users to help grow their online advertising empire.

Whilst it’s very true that this could be the case, using the Google WiFi Assistant VPN could still potentially give you anonymity from your government or ISP. However, using the Google WiFi Assistant VPN may mean handing over your privacy to Google instead.

If you’re interested in using a VPN service for accessing region-locked content and aren’t worried about Google having access to your data, you may find a use for the Google WiFi Assistant VPN. However, if you do care about your privacy, we would highly recommend using a different VPN service that’s more trusted for keeping customer data safe.

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Fortunately, you aren’t forced to use the Google WiFi Assistant VPN service if you upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo. In fact, the VPN service from Google must be switched on manually to make use of its features. By default, the VPN service on Android 8.0 Oreo devices will be switched off.

In other news, the new Android 8.0 Oreo brings a brand new picture-in-picture mode that allows users to operate two applications simultaneously. The new update also increases boot speed of the Android operating system and the boot speed of applications. More support has been added to improve the battery saver mode, and autofill options have been added to speed up signing into different apps and games.

The new Android 8.0 Oreo update also adds a new anti-malware app called Google Protect that’ll protect devices from malicious threats.

The new anti-malware from Google will also scan the Google Play Store periodically to keep out unwanted threats and to keep the Play Store clean from malware and viruses.

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