More Businesses Are Using SMS Trackers On Their Employees

SMS trackers are proving useful in business


A new article from the Wall Street Journal suggests that more businesses are now using SMS trackers to keep an eye on their employees.

The study lists names as big as Microsoft and Boston Consulting Group and suggests that they are using a variety of different techniques to track their employees. With such large corporations, there are many reasons why tracking methods can be beneficial.

The Different Tracking Methods – SMS Trackers & More

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft and other companies are using SMS trackers, email trackers, and other tracking technology to capture data on how employees are interacting with each other.

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The first tracking method allows Microsoft to track what is being said through text message on company phones. Microsoft also monitors work emails to gather data on how communication travels through different levels of the company.

Microsoft has even started gathering data on face-to-face interactions with employees to better understand how their employees work. With such a large work force under Microsoft’s belt, it’s important that they find the best way to improve the communication flow between different departments. Messages can’t be lost as it travels through different people, so the tracking methods outlined above can help to remedy this.

Why Businesses Use SMS Trackers & Other Tracking Methods

Using various tracking methods can provide a world of benefits for a company as big as Microsoft. It’s less about catching out bad eggs and more about gathering all of the data available to understand which methods of communication work the best.

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As an example, if a project manager sends out emails to employees working on that project, Microsoft can monitor how effective these emails are at getting the project rolling. Microsoft can then compare it to other methods of communication, such as through SMS. Microsoft can then look through the data, then implement better communication strategies and guidelines for project managers to follow in the future.

Smaller businesses can look at Microsoft’s practices to find inspiration for better managing their own employees. In a smaller work environment, there’ll be less data to capture from employee-to-employee communication, but small business owners can use SMS trackers and email trackers to see how employees interact with customers and clients.

Businesses can then collect data from conversations to understand what forms of communcation are proving to be the most helpful for their customers.

Surprisingly, a lot of the tracking tools are widely available to the public. Typically, these kinds of services will require a monthly subscription fee.

There’s some questions surrounding the legality of such services, but so long as a business makes it clear to their employees, either in written form, or verbally, it’s completely legal to use tracking services.

It’s also important to note that businesses will often give employees their own work phones and work emails and will track those. Tracking personal emails and phones could be considered a breach of privacy, and it’s unlikely that workers would let their employer install tracking software on their phones and computers.



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